Saturday, July 15, 2006


Japan part 2

So here I am in Japan on a Friday night in the hotel. Well I have Saturday night and Sunday night to part as Monday is a holiday. So I was going to meet a friend of the OZ labs but I missed him because the subway station was layed out stupidly. Anyways I was trying to get to the JR south exit but I went through a gate to get a train and could not get out so I had to take a train and then try to get back, hoping I was not going to get lost. So I got on the first train out and made it to a different station (the line which I took did not exist on the map too which was fun). It took an hour to get back to the correct station. He left after the half an hour mark. OH well.

On Thursday I did meet camel from #llvm, and we had okonomiyaki. It was nice.

Tonight (since it is now Saturday at 1pm), I might go out on the town but I am not really awake yet and I don't feel that good.

Work has been good, I am finally getting stuff done but running into bugs which people have not run into before which sucks. First it was BIT_FIELD_REF on the left hand side, and then vec_set was not being used and then an ICE due to BIT_FIELD_REF < VIEW_CONVERT_EXPR uses the wrong mode (and even the fix I came for that is incorrect as it produces horible code in some cases, well a simple one of a+b or two way different modes).

what do you do in jp?
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