Wednesday, February 23, 2005


Today's junk and begins

Well today marks the begining and the end for me. I thought blogging never get me to write things down but here I am writting in my new blog.

Drinking is really only fun when drinking with people but when you cannot find other people to drink, it is fun to drink alone (well as long as you thinking you are with people you are fine).


iTunes/Pepsi promotion

Well I think it is official after six Pepsis in three weeks, the promotion is rigged against me.
Why does 1 in 3 sounds good when it comes to a promotion when I will never be that one in three,
Really this sucks because my iTunes account is also broken in that I registered 5 machines but I got rid of them and/or wiped out their harddrive and started over. Now I cannot use my iTunes account.

Update, now I am getting buy one and get one free.

Update, now all I can get is free music so I am happy.

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