Thursday, May 12, 2011


I love my wifey

So I haven't blogged in a while but, woop I got married in Sept 2010! I love her so much she is my whole world! All them other girls ain't got nothin on my wife! :)

Tuesday, January 05, 2010


New entry

Wow. I have not posted in this blog for years. Lots of stuff has happened in my life in the past 2 years. The most major thing that happened to me was I was engaged but that is now behind me at least for now. This one thing has caused me to look at myself and get myself ready for a family. But really I was not ready and still not full ready. Maybe buying a house next year will show myself I am ready.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007


Random thoughts about trip day 1/2

Day 1/2 Monday/Tuesday June 18/19, 2007
Today was a long plane ride, 9.5 hours. The time difference is 16 hours so we arrived in Nartia at 2:02 or there abouts. I flew next to new parents (10 month old), he was cute and good except for once right before falling asleep where he throw a small fit. Once he was asleep he was really quiet for the rest of the journey. Got out of customs and immigration around 2:40, waited a while to get my bag. Going through customs and immigration was a breeze. Took the limousine bus to the new otani hotel. It is around a 1.5 hour ride on the highway. Nartia airport is really outside the city of Tokyo (though technically Tokyo is at least 5 different cities with their own services and such).

Tomorrow's meeting starts at 10 am and ends around lunch time.

On the pointer plus front, I merged it into the FSF mainline last friday. I have iv-opts to fix really still. I sent a patch to richi but it did not bootstrap because of problems with respect of other parts of iv-opts/address need to be fixed up. I had a full patch in the office which actually implements that but I forgot to sent it to myself to send it to richi. Anyways when I get back state side, I will be able to finish it up and test it and add a testcase or two to make sure we optimize the cases again. The problem with iv-opts right now, is that it does not rewrite pointer plus. So if we fix that, we need to also fix a couple of other parts trying to do the rewrite. Not doing the rewrite causes gzip and a couple other benchmarks to be slower. I think right now, not rewriting pointer plus, causes us to produce too many IVs.

Yes, IV-OPTs itself needs a rewrite to deal with auto-increment (load/store with update, etc.) but I am not doing to do that rewrite.

This week is going to be a busy one with meetings all day.
If I have time tonight, I will go see camel (LLVM guy studying in Tokyo). Maybe I will bring Trevor and Russ along, I will talk to them once I talk with camel.

I also hope richi and others are able to fix up the bug reports while I am in Tokyo. Most of the problems are obvious issues (except when it comes to scev but then again that was a latent bug and pointer plus just put in obvious checks to make sure we were not doing anything stupid). I still have data reference to fix up. One problem with it currently is that I need to figure out what is the real definition of affine multivariate. I would have liked the data-ref people to fix this bug as I don't understand this area of GCC that well. I did file the bug reports about these data-ref issues before doing the merge. I guess that pointer plus improves forwprop too much :).

Wow I did not think I would write this much for this blog entry but I guess I did.

PS Cassandra, the girl who I was going after, now has a boyfriend (and it is not me).

Thursday, April 05, 2007



It turns out I got a nice raise this year so I am happy.

Next entry will definitely be about the girl issue but I just wantted to make sure everyone know I am now happy with my job.

Friday, March 23, 2007


Long time

It has been a long time since I last wrote here but here goes some ideas for the next few blog entries:
1) GCC work
a) Pointer Plus expression
b) other work
2) Girls
a) What I did wrong and why I keep on just getting friends

Friday, July 28, 2006


GCC Summit part 1.25

Pictures from the GCC Summit from LXO:

Monday, July 24, 2006


Japan Part 3, the end

So I am back home now in Foster City where it got to 108F (42C) yesterday. Man it was hot. But that is not what this posting is about. Anyways Japan was fun, I wish I did not have trouble sleeping. I also wished I was not preoccupied with other stuff unrelated to work or even this trip, I would have enjoyed it even more.

The SCEI building was a couple buildings down from the Honda HQ, I have pictures. On Monday the holiday, I took a walk from Shibuya subway station to the office, well I did not know where I was going but I ended up at my office. This walk was nice because I went by places where hardly anyone was and it was quiet which meant I could think about the things troubling me, which I am not going to say them here at least not yet. It is a long and weird story and I don't want to tell it just yet until I find out more (the story will be called GCC summit part 2 when I get around to writting it down). Anyways so I took this walk, it got me thinking, am I ready to settle down and have a family. I don't know, I don't think I am ready just yet; work just takes too much time out of me currently. Plus working with GCC's bugs takes the other part of my spare time but then again having a girl-friend would be useful so I could have some spare time and actually get away from GCC sometime. Ok, maybe I gave part of the long story up but oh well.

On Tuesday night, the whole toolchain group went out drinking. It was fun, though I did drink the most as it was a welcome party for me. Thursday for lunch, we had Indian, one of the best Indian food I had in years. One of the dishes was spicy, though not much, it was good. We had to wait an half an hour to get seated. Friday, I spend most of the day at the airport waiting for the plane. Well that is not fully true as I had two Fridays. My plane left at 6pm JST (Tokyo time) and got in around 11am PDT (California TIme). I went into work to have lunch with Alex and we talked for about an hour and an half and then he had to leave to go. I went home from lunch and decided to sleep at 4pm, god I was tried, I had got less than an hour on the plane ride and that was 9 hours itself so I was up almost 24hours, it was crazy. So I woke up around 11pm that same night. I could not sleep for another 3 hours and then I forced myself to go to bed and get some more sleep. I woke up at some early time on Saturday, I had enough sleep for the day.

I am running into bugs or maybe mis-features in the GCC code about reload. I wish reload would just die. Anyways I am thinking about seeing about the infrastructure which was added for 4.2.0 which might help fix this issue but that would mean I need to backport the patch and the fixes related to it to 4.1.1 which I am regreating doing. Also on the plane ride back, I remembered that the code I was writting would only work for targets that set strict alignment. Also from look at the code gen because I need to add splats, it might get funny looking but it still does gets rid of the load hit store reload issue which is much worse than the other code gen. I might even figure out a way of not needing the splats but the splats make it easy to store stuff to memory on a strict alignment target as you just use stvewx instead of having to do a load and then a perm and then a store of the whole vector.

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