Thursday, July 13, 2006


Japan part 1

So far Tokyo has been fun. Though I have not eaten dinner at all because I have not been able to decide what to eat. It is hot and humid here. Even sometimes it gets hot in the office so much I decide to head home which means going in an even hotter and more humid walk.

I have been working on an interesting optimization for GCC but I have ran into a couple of other optimizations[1] that need to be done before this one actually starts working. The optimization is to work around a hazard with the Cell processor. The idea is just like doing the floating point in the SSE unit but instead doing it in the VMX unit on the Cell. This optimization allows for the compiler to do some scalar computation in vectors instead of storing it off to the stack.

A co-work has suggested a new type but that seems to defet the propose of the optimization in that the code should not need to be changed


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