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WTF - need more information about this

Yes, I get a lot of spam, but this tops the cake. I don't know if this is legit or not. I am thinkig it is not because I cannot find any infromation about the company at all with google. I would like someone to figure out what this is about. Note the only edit I did to this email was remove the email address, if someone wants the email address, I can give it to them.

Dear Andrew:

   I am writing to you to let you know about some exciting summer internship opportunities that currently available with my firm.

   If you are considering pursuing a career in business, general management, public relations / communications, engineering, consulting, or perhaps running your own dental practice we may have a position for you.

   Our internship program is quite unique. At N.A.C.P. we give you the opportunity to participate in a business from the inside out. During your tenure with the firm you will gain valuable experience in all aspects of the business environment (human resources, marketing, sales, finance, project estimation and customer service just to name a few).

Unlike a lot of other internships this one is paid. All first year interns receive a salary of $400 per week and are eligible for our profit sharing plan.

If this sounds like something that would help you in building your skills / resume please email me back at ------email-----. I will be on campus next week and would be happy to meet and provide you with more information in person. I look forward to hearing from you and meeting with you on campus.

Paul Evans
Founder & CEO
Developing Tomorrow's Leaders Today

Hey I got an email as well.I responded figuring whats the worst that could happen, anyways I have an interview this friday. Did you happen to find out anything about this company? I was googleing them as well, thats how I found your post, and am not finding anything. If you know anything email me at they are really shitty
This company does allow you to suposidly make money but its through North Amercia College Painters... my roomate did it last year and got fired after working all the weekends towards the end of second semester. He got exactly zero dollars for all of his effort... a big scam
yeah I just received it today also. checked the website as well and couldn't help laughing.
I got the same thing and went to the first meeting the guy seemed cool and lagit but just seems to good to be true! Does anyone know anymore about this?
I don't need any evidence for what tom said
Ya I got the same e-mail and looked them up. All I could find is they took out a loan from a VA bank and are a wall painting company. I'm scheduled for a meeting in a week, can somebody get me some real info about this group?
i got this too. if its the college painters, my friend did this and he made some money, but he was always real, real busy.
this group is a joke, i got this job last year, but then declined after they wanted me to sign this 30 pg long contract that was just rediculous....dont work for them, big scam
I saw a flyer about this, and had an interview today. I have a follow up next week sometime. Does anyone know anything about this company and if it is legit or not?
mmmm...I got the same email, and I was curious about that company...but I wasn't able to figure out anything on Google. So I read these comments...and now I am a little bit scared. I have the first interview on Friday...what should I do? Anyone has news about the second interview??? Should I go?

I also received this exact same e-mail, and i am not even in college. I thought it was a little odd that he had an e-mail at aol
I received the exact same email, I guess its going to be a waste of my time to even go meet this guy, I'm glad I found this blog before I even got involved in this whole ordeal.
my friend did this one summer, basically you run your own painting buisiness and they show you how kind of. i worked for him. he put in a lot of work for a decent return on his investments... he said it was a good experience.
anyone that is thinking about doing this, just DONT DO IT. the owner of the company, Paul Evan, is a jackass. basically he is always late to pay you and sometimes he bounces checks. this guy owed me over $400 and stopped answering my call and never returned any of my messages.

he purposely under budgets jobs so that you will get screwed out of money. some days you even work for free.

i am in the same situation.

what the hell is this?
a painting company?

it almost seemed to good to be true, an internship that seemed just so overwhelmed to meet with you, without any prerequisits...

so what is the deal with this internship? what do you do?
Thank God I found this because I was getting all prepared to meet with him Thurs but now I can worry about REAL opportunities that I need to work on. LOL Thanks alot people...
fake as hell. Dont do it. it is a scam. he emails it to everyone and multiple times.
Well it looks like old Paul Evans is up to his old tricks again. I just got an email from him and turns out he's no longer in the painting business. He's now the CEO of Synergy Group Inc., and since this is about all the info I can find on him or the organization, I think it's safe to assume it's a scam.
Yeah, I was about to set up a meeting with this guy for friday. I tried googleing it but got nothing till I stumbled onto this blog. Now there is now way I'm gonna set up a meeting.
this post is from Paul Evans - not sure were all of these "anonymous" posters are getting their information from - takes a lot of sack to come on here rip my company / what we do for a living and sign it "anonymous". How about a name / email address / cell number so you can share some true facts?????? oh let me guess......this is one of our competitors smearing us.....whatever.....Andy (the originator of this blog) you may want to give some thought to taking this blog down - if you would like to speak to students who have worked with us over the years I would be happy to provide you with their contact info - email me - the stuff posted in this blog is extremely inaccurate to say the least- our legal department is on this issue
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